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China's first connected car

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In order to offer a fully integrated lifestyle experience for its car owners, Volkswagen launched the Car-Net project which provides customers with intuitive, practical, helpful and entertaining apps and services for their connected cars.

These apps and services fall into three categories which are "Guide & Inform", "e-Remote" and "App-Connect." Leveraging Google Earth and other databases, each of these categories offer unique features which allow car owners to do things such as plan trips, receive live updates on fastest routes, find cheapest gas stations, receive suggestions for points of interest, find parking, find charging stations for hybrid or electric vehicles, set interior temperatures based on trip departure time, find where the car is parked, activate doors and lights remotely, track car health, create shared playlists to be used on trips and a wide variety of other features. All of the services and apps are available through the car's onboard computer as well as the platform's web based portal and mobile app.

After being introduced in Europe as a resounding success, the Car-Net project was brought to the Chinese market as the "Mobile Online Service for China" (MOSC). In order to integrate with market specific services such as geolocation, navigation, telecommunication providers and many others, PYCO Digital was asked to leverage its experience in order to bring the MOSC project online with a rich online customer experience tailored specifically for China. Integration points included not only working a wealth of third party Chinese services but also managing tight security connection points with the larger ecosystem of the Car-Net system.

The MOSC project was the first connected car platform in China and continues to be a pioneer in the ongoing evolution of automotive lifestyle technology.

The online platform of one of our Web and App Development projects in Vietnam with Volkswagen