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Building a brand through the customer experience

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One of Microsoft's key business goals was to establish their brand as a premiere online and offline retailer in China's crowded electronics market place. While focusing on a high-quality, end-to-end customer experience as its leading edge, Microsoft partnered with PYCO Digital to develop a new ecommerce site as well as provide an in-house marketing team to build campaigns and support product launches.

To set Microsoft apart as a brand in China, a full redesign of the store was undertaken that provided customers with comprehensive product knowledge while maintaining a visual style that set international standards both in China's retail market and within Microsoft's global online retail team. This visual style helped position Microsoft as a premium, trusted brand within the Chinese market place without needing to compete as aggressively on prices as other online retailers. This approach allowed Microsoft to create long-term relationships with customers instead of creating a transient customer base who only look for one-off deals.

PYCO Digital developed Microsoft's online store using SAP/Hybris. Our platform allowed Microsoft to respond to China's unique market trends and sales opportunities which include a feature rich mobile experience, dynamic product bundling, flash sales, complex business rules for coupons and vouchers, private stores for large organizations, as well as pre-orders for hot products. Merchandisers were also given the ability to instantly adjust prices, create bundles and generate coupons for their respective product categories without needing to go through a lengthy publishing process.

From the ground up, the site was built with multi-channel consumer touch points in mind. Microsoft needed an ecommerce system they could grow into as they continued to open brick and mortar stores in key markets throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The SAP/Hybris solution was selected for its lengthy feature set designed to support online and offline multi-channel scenarios, as well as its ability to manage multiple stores, product catalogs, coupons, CRM, and entire markets from a centralized SAP/Hybris instance. The platform is connected to a wide variety of China specific payment processors, and is also connected to Microsoft's secure, digital download service for its software products.

Over a two year period, PYCO Digital's ecommerce platform and marketing team helped Microsoft grow their retail business by over 1,600%.

A product webpage of one of our Web and App Development projects in Vietnam with Microsoft China