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Software Development Center for Magnolia

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Magnolia is a flexible, innovative, Java based enterprise content management system (CMS) used worldwide by organizations ranging from governments, Fortune 500's, and small businesses, both as a licensed and open source product depending on business needs.

As a continuation of its global growth, Magnolia searched for a digital partner who could provide a team of talented Java developers to work on core features and modules for their CMS platform both as part of fulfilling their feature roadmap and ad hoc responses to customer requests.

PYCO Ventures was selected for its extensive experience in building, implementing and managing secure, enterprise level Java based CMS platforms, and for its commitment to ongoing R&D and innovation in Vietnam.

The BOT team provides ongoing support for feature development, and was the first to develop a solution for adding personalization to Magnolia's feature list. This feature is now a key selling point for all Magnolia customers.

Magnolia was founded in Switzerland in the heart of Europe over a decade ago and grew organically ever since. When we decided to expand our company towards the APAC region - we were dedicated to opening a subsidiary in Vietnam.

Not knowing the local market, legalities and mindset it seemed too tough of a challenge to overcome by ourselves.

We thus started asking around for support and that's when we were referred to PYCO. The things we heard about their team and services were solely positive and led us to give them our full trust.

I can honestly say that we simply couldn't have done it without their help and certainly not in the time-frame we aimed at.

PYCO basically started up the whole subsidiary for us from a-z. from dealing with all the administration involved, to finding an appropriate office, to staffing and also managing the first handful of employees.

PYCO later arranged for a Magnolia veteran to be legally expatriated to Vietnam in order to second and complete the team and very importantly inject our own company DNA.

Meanwhile the Vietnam office has become an integral part of Magnolia International being accountable for product development as well as software maintenance and support. The team has grown to more than 20 employees and will continue to do so as it was designed to also function as a sales and business hub in the foreseeable future.

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    Pascal Mangold

    Magnolia Co-Founder & CEO

The Magnolia Vietnam office which PYCOGroup helped set up under a Build Operate Transfer partnership A stand up meeting at the Magnolia Vietnam office, an offshore development center that PYCOGroup helped set up Software developers at the Magnolia Vietnam office, which PYCOGroup helped establish under a Build Operate Transfer partnership
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