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Atlassian's software products are ubiquitous in the digital world as nearly 40,000 large and small companies including eBay, Netflix, Gilt, Facebook, NASA, CitiGroup, Coca-Cola, and many others use Atlassian's tracking, collaboration, communication, and development products to connect and work smarter.

In order to scale their product development capabilities, Atlassian did a worldwide search for a partner who not only could provide premium development services, but who shared their same passion for innovation and creativity. After a thorough review of over 70 companies, PYCO Ventures was selected for its long-standing track record for scalable, high quality development and for its deep commitment to R&D and creative ownership of its products.

With over 150 dedicated members consisting of Java engineers, Product Managers, Designers and support staff, the Atlassian team worked on key products such as Confluence, JIRA, Service Desk and HipChat developing core features as well as modules and plugins for each platform.

Atlassian frequently holds ShipIt contests to encourage an ongoing spirit of innovation and team work, and to give every team a chance to demonstrate both their creativity and coding skills. Since the partnership launched, the PYCO team has won 4 ShipIt competitions by creating fully functional features and modules for Atlassian products based on their understanding of client needs.

Atlassian and Pyco Group have had a close and very integrated partnership over the last years. Pyco Group has helped us bootstrap and scale product development capabilities in Vietnam.

From the start, Atlassian had high expectations for our partnership in Vietnam. An important goal was for the new teams to work on key product features and own them from concept to launch. This included close collaboration with the Sydney team, and most importantly living the Atlassian values in everything they do. We weren't looking for just an outsourcing team; rather, we were looking for a product team that was an integral part of our global R&D muscle. The challenge was bold and the goals more ambitious than anything that Pyco Group had done in Vietnam to that point.

Next to shipping key components of our products during 2 years, they've also been the proud winners of the quarterly ShipIt "Customer Kick Ass" prize on 4 occasions, and have bragging rights over winning our 10 years anniversary ShipIt "Founder" prize, demonstrating the innovation, creativity and technical excellence in the region.

Without Pyco Group's expertise, local knowledge, hard work and willingness to work collaboratively with Atlassian, none of this would have been possible.

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    Scott Farquhar

    Atlassian co-founder & co-CEO

Team members of Atlassian and PYCOGroup’s Build Operate Transfer partnership in Vietnam The Atlassian office in Vietnam during the Build Operate Transfer partnership with PYCOGroup

Our Atlassian partnership is a resounding success, and the target within the next year is to expand the operation to over 400 resources.

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