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3P Learning is a global leader in online education with its headquarter in Sydney, Australia. The award-winning learning resources are designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, science and e-safety. More than 5 million students in over 20,000 schools in almost every corner of the world are using the products of 3P Learning.

To meet the increasing demand for online education, 3P Learning searched for a partner who could build and operate new engineering teams. Since 2020, 3P Learning is partnering with PYCOGroup to launch its first Technology Development Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Each self-organizing and cross-functional team is responsible for designing, implementing, testing, delivering and supporting a selected product. The first releases of the BOT were focused on automated student assessments, school reports and new spelling features.

Our partnership with PYCO has enabled us to expand the size of our development team quickly and with confidence. In just a few weeks, we have established one fully operational feature team in HCMC, and we are now putting in place a second team. We have also been impressed by the breadth and depth of technical talent in HCMC. The team in Vietnam also contributes their experience and ideas to the development process, making our product delivery faster and more efficient.

One of the many things that impressed us about PYCO was the attention to detail in adopting our corporate culture as part of the team in Vietnam. As an EdTech company that helps millions of students to learn Maths and English, we have a strong sense of mission and purpose. PYCO made sure that our corporate mission and culture is shared by the team in HCMC.

The team in Vietnam has a palpable sense of excitement and passion, which encourages a real sense of collaboration with the teams in Sydney. This is no ordinary offshoring arrangement, this is a partnership, and I'm excited about the possibilities that it presents to us for the future.

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