PYCOGROUP is a specialist
in the B.O.T model.


We bootstrap software development centers
with our Build Operate Transfer model.

Our BOT model provides a long-term solution for successfully delivering your product roadmap without outsourcing your software development. In just a few weeks, we can set up dedicated software development teams in Vietnam which will be steadily integrated in your organization and can eventually be fully transferred.

Our BOT model consists of three phases:

1. BUILD: Based on your needs and requirements we source candidates from our extensive talent pool. You make the final decision about the team structure and vet each engineer while we build your development center from the ground up.

2. OPERATE: We professionally manage and operate your software development center to the highest standards so that you can focus on your technological road-map and core business activities.

3. TRANSFER: When the time is right you can decide to acquire the legal ownership of the entire development center with its office, equipment, engineering staff such as Development Managers, Software Engineers and Product Owners but also all the existing operational and support staff so as to be fully autonomous straight away.

  • build


    We leverage our reliable pool of talent to set up your first team.

    Your core team consists of our trusted long-term staff.

    They work in a state-of-the-art dedicated office space based on your needs and budget.

    We set this up under a new legal entity, so it can align with your operational processes and company structure.

  • operate


    We scale your center by recruiting and onboarding talents who meet your expectations and fit your work culture. You have the freedom to vet and approve every hire.

    We manage the operation of your center so you’re free to focus on your main business activities or we can support a more independent approach if you prefer.

    You have a direct say on costs and processes at all times.

  • transfer


    At the end of the contract period, you can decide to acquire 100% ownership of a fully operational and autonomous development center.

    You benefit from owning and operating fully integrated teams which are already experienced in running the daily operations of your development center.

    We keep running your center if you choose. We only transfer once you’re ready, and satisfied that we meet your targets of quality and productivity.


What are the advantages of the B.O.T model?

We relieve the pain of setting up a new company and learning the ins and outs of a foreign country, while allowing you to be immediately operational. We build high-performing, scalable software development teams which are fully integrated into your daily work. Below are the advantages in detail.

  • minimizing-risk


    We’re highly experienced in all aspects of setting up and operating successful software development centers in Vietnam. Our local teams manage the legal, administrative and hiring processes. We use trusted local suppliers to set up the infrastructure for your dedicated office.

  • attracting


    Sought-after developers are attracted to the B.O.T model because it offers long-term career opportunities in an international environment and the potential to become the future employee of a company investing in the country. Advanced training programs and the chance to travel to other offices contribute to our strong retention rate.

  • agile


    It can operate as an R&D center to innovate, test and deliver new products, services and features, so you can stay ahead of your competition. Our B.O.T structures and processes are a combination of your requirements and our best practices.

  • retain

    Retain and control
    your intellectual property

    The development teams only use tools, processes and accounts which you provide or approve. You have full control over your data and IP. After the transfer phase, the B.O.T becomes your own subsidiary and all proprietary information remains within your organization.

  • global

    Gaining a larger and diversified global footprint

    In a global landscape where economies and challenges are constantly evolving you can expand your global footprint and diversify your investments while minimizing your risks across different geographies. Setting up a B.O.T in Vietnam will also allow you to benefit from extended timezone coverage.

  • build

    High employee engagement

    We onboard our teams with your vision and strategy from the get-go, integrate them into your daily work and partner with you to build an international work environment that also reflects your company culture and values. This helps to build teams with a high sense of ownership and increased performance.


PYCOGroup has been successfully setting up Build-Operate-Transfer centers for our partners since 2011. Atlassian and YellowPepper in partnership with Visa were our first Build-Operate-Transfer partners and today they’re both global success stories. If you’re interested in learning more about our B.O.T model, please read our case studies below and get in touch with us.

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